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When I was a kid I would use fashion, style and dressing interchangeably. I was hardly aware of the fact that there is some real difference in the meaning of these words. And no wonder there are many people who still believe these terms to be the same. Here comes the role of a fashion guide/ coach who will let you in this new world of fashion where every word has a fixed yet relevant meaning to it. Ahaan! Haven’t you already started brainstorming these words in your mind? So, let’s just dive into to know more about it…

They say “I like her fashion sense” which in their head means I like the way she dresses up. But to be honest that is the wrong way to say. Fashion being a broader term is a manner of doing something be it hair, wearing clothes or behaviour. Fashion changes with time very rapidly. It is something which is not fixed or stagnant. Whereas when it comes to style it is timeless. Style is a very personal phenomenon. It is something an individual inherent and forms from the very beginning. Style cannot be copied if I say so. Fashion trends can easily be adopted and imitated while style is difficult to replicate. One can definitely look for a pleated skirt in the market since it is in “fashion” these days but you cannot mirror someone’s style and call it in “vogue”.

Another important point to note here is that fashion does not always blend with your body type. It is something which is very generic and currently in trend these days. While style is always according to one’s body shape and type. A person with great style knows how and what to pick for their respective body type. For instance, a fashionable person who has a little paunch might choose a mid-waist jeans because it is to be seen everywhere in the market but on the flip side a stylish person with the same paunch will never ever opt for a midrise jeans for themselves because they know it is not going to compliment their body type. No matter how fashionable the garment looks on the mannequin the person who has some sense of personal style will only go for pieces that looks rather feel good on the body and will always remain true to their own aesthetic.

Style is the easiest way to communicate how you feel and who you are without speaking. One could easily trade fashion for style if they are woke enough and want to remain a classic when it comes to dressing. Talking about dressing now. Dressing is a very simple word which clearly means wearing something to cover your body. Having a great “dressing sense” is the right way to use for someone who knows what piece to style with another. A person with great dressing sense is bound to have little knowledge about style. Only then can he/she will make the outfit look good on themselves. Just being aware of the latest fashion trends and terminology won’t suffice to become a style icon.

Developing your personal style isn’t just a one-night thing. It takes time and loads of trial and errors to figure out your personality and the type of clothes/ dresses that will bring out your true aura and looks. To be precise style can never be out of fashion. One should try their best to get to know about their personal style rather than blindly follow just any fashion trend. You don’t need to have a balloon sleeves blouse in your wardrobe now because it is available in all the designer pret’ stores. Rather look deeper and try building your wardrobe according to your body shape, body type and lifestyle. What are the outfits that makes you feel confident and the best version of yourself? Is there a piece of cloth that you often get attracted towards when you open your closet? These are some tips and signs to invest in clothes that adds up to your life and uplifts your mood on a daily basis. Your wardrobe should always be a reflection of the person who you are. It should consist of majorly timeless classic pieces that never goes out of fashion and will always prove be a right choice for you.

So, here's your sign to delve a little deeper in your almirah and bring out your top-notch dressing sense and show it to the world with that raging confidence that fashion is temporary but style is forever.


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