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EVER HAD THAT 'I-HAVE-NOTHING-TO-WEAR' MOMENT? We've all been there! Imagine having your very own style expert on speed dial - that's me! I'm your fashion fairy godmother, ready to transform your wardrobe dilemmas into stunning looks. 💃✨⠀From curating head-turning outfits from your existing clothing gems to planning that perfect look for your special event, no fashion query is off-limits. Got fashion dilemmas? Consider them solved! 🌈👗⠀ Oh, and did I mention the grooming tips? Yep, it's not just about the clothes. I'm here to sprinkle a touch of confidence with every suggestion. 💄💁‍♀⠀ Say goodbye to 'what to wear' worries and say hello to effortless style. If you're ready to have your very own Stylist on Call, transforming your wardrobe from 'meh' to marvellous, one call at a time! 📲💃⠀ A) Creating looks from your own wardrobe B) Planning look for a particular event C) All your fashion queries will be answered D) Some grooming tips

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